Track all your election tasks from one place

Electask empowers election officials to easily manage their teams election tasks from a centralized, online dashboard

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“To any registrar that isn’t using this type of software, you’re behind the times...that's all there is to it!”

~ Jill LaVine - Former Sacramento County Registrar of Voters

More aware. More control.

Electask's dashboard lets you see your teams' activities in one place and make sure everyone is on track.

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Never miss a deadline

Electask lets you assign tasks to specific people or positions and remind them automatically so you never miss deadlines

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Run Multiple Elections Concurrently

With Electask, you can run multiple elections at once and even copy tasks between them.

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Electask excels at communication and visualization


We are available for support via email, text, and call when you need it. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Electask will continue to improve functionality over time. If you have suggestions for additional features or other requests, please reach out!


Security is standard with Electask. All communication between Electask and servers and databases are encrypted.