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I worked for Voter Sacramento County Registration & Elections before, during, and after the 2014 Gubernatorial Election so I got to see first hand how they prepared for, managed, and completed an election. It was great experience and let me see how many improvements there were to be made in the tech and process.

A few years after my time with the County, the Executive Secretary at the time, knowing my programming experience, reached out to me for advice on how to improve their task management process. I built the first version of Electask and had them try it out.

After a few tweaks, they were up and running with it and implemented it into their core task management process. Now, several improvements later (and more to come), Sacramento, along with other counties, have found value in what Electask can do.

The bottom line is it makes their life easier. It helps everyone stay up to date and on the same page. And many more exciting features and improvements are scheduled for the future.


We are available for support via email, text, and call when you need it. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Electask will continue to improve functionality over time. If you have suggestions for additional features or other requests, please reach out!


Security is standard with Electask. All communication between Electask and servers and databases are encrypted.